An IndieFlix Original Series

Submit a show 'open'

Yeah, so... a 'Show Open' is the little opening titles moment at the head of a show.
Think... "Dexter" or "Sopranos" or "SpongeBob"... the first thing that comes on, with the music and the opening credits etc... That a Show Open. Our Sucks. We know it, and everyone knows it. I mean, it's funny... but it sucks.

So... COMING SOON.... we will want you to make show opens, send them to us and we'll vote on which ones get to be used in the upcoming chapters of Grow Op. 

We won't use stuff that has copyrighted material in it, obviously, and we won't use stuff that looks inordinately irresponsible - although we may keep it for ourselves and laugh at it.

Keep checking back - or watch our Feeds to see when we launch this goodie.